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What We Offer

We combine top-level consultancy and advisory in the fields of security and cyber-security,  with a comprehensive “top down” approach. 


Among our highly specialized services:

  • ICT & Cyber Risk Assessment and Management

  • Crisis Management advisory, training drills and exercises

  • Cyber-Security Strategy Planning and Implementation

  • Courses Seminars and Workshops

What We Bring

We bring diversified cutting edge security approaches based on years of consulting experience to Israels’ security organizations and private sector. Our professional staff includes an interdisciplinary team of security experts on demand.


The company is led by renowned cyber security expert, Dr. Col. (res.) Gabi Siboni, who serves as chief methodologist of the IDF's Research Center for Force Utilization and Buildup and as the Director of The Cyber Security Program at The Institute for National Security Studies, Tel Aviv University.

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