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About Us

G Bina, established in 2006,  is a boutique consulting firm that offers highly specialized cyber security services and ICT and SCADA risk assessment. The company combines top-level consultancy and advisory with a comprehensive “top to bottom” process led by renowned cyber security expert, Prof. Dr. Col. (res.) Gabi Siboni.

Our cyber security services are a full set of solutions that support organizations throughout each stage of their cyber operations and ICT processes with progressive security methodologies, consultancy and expertise. We work with organizations from different fields including security, defense, global finance, aviation and technology.

The company leader, Gabi, is a thought leader in the field of business operations risk management and his expertise extends to national security, military strategy and operations, military technology, cyber security and warfare, and force buildup. He serves as chief methodologist to the IDF (Israel Defense Force) with a background including technology training, engineering and a doctorate in information systems. Gabi’s unique methodologies and analytical processes are at the core of G. Bina. Siboni is as a Professor at the Francisco de Vitoria University in Madrid.

Leading Team

Prof. Dr. Col. (res.) Gabi Siboni


Dr. Gabi Siboni is Senior Research Fellow, the Director of Military and Strategic Affairs Program and the Director of Cyber-Security Program at the Tel Aviv University's Institute for National Security Studies (INSS). Dr. Siboni is also the editor of Military and Strategic Affairs Journal at the INSS. Dr. Gabi Siboni is the head of the Cyber Engineering Program at the Engineering School of Shenkar College in Tel Aviv. In his extensive IDF career, Colonel (res.) Siboni served as a fighter and commander in the Golani Brigade and completed his service as commander of the brigade’s reconnaissance unit. Within the scope of his reserve service, Colonel (res.) Siboni served as senior staff officer of the Golani Brigade, A Division's chief of staff and presently as a senior planner for the IDF Northern Command. In addition, Dr. Siboni serves as the chief methodologist of the IDF's Center for Force Utilization and Buildup. He is also a consultant in a wide range of fields, including: Cyber-Security, Strategic and Operations Planning, Defense Technology, Operational and ICT Risk Management and more. Dr. Siboni holds a B.Sc. and M.Sc. in engineering from Tel Aviv University and a Ph.D in Geographic Information Systems (GIS) from Ben-Gurion University. 

Nissim Ezekiel

Head of G. Bina West Coast, U.S.A.

Nissim Ezekiel has four decades of experience in business and economic development, with a focus on the role of the private sector, and in international public affairs. He spent 25 years at the International Finance Corporation (World Bank Group-Washington D.C.) and served as Director of its Corporate Planning Department from 1992 – 2000, where he managed IFC’s country relationship with Israel from 1994 onwards.  Building on over twenty years of active engagement with Israeli businesses and political authorities, he now serves as Head of G. Bina’s West Coast, USA, promotional activities that include working with companies that have a regional focus as well as those with national as well as global operations.

Nadine Wirkuttis

Project Manager

Nadine is an expert in managing transnational IT projects beyond departmental and corporate boundaries. With a background in Information Engineering & Management, she gained her expertise as an IT consultant in the High Tech industry as well as a coach for small business start-ups. She is particularly interested in applying cutting edge approaches to cyber security and business intelligence solutions. Currently, Nadine serves as a research associate in The Cyber Security Program at The Institute for National Security Studies, Tel Aviv University, where she evaluates the use of Artificial Intelligence for cyber security.


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