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ICT & Cyber Risk Assessment and Management

Cyber threats have become a major problem for every organization. There are many technological solutions and defenses and a lot of advice and many advisors. But, how can an organization understand whether its defenses meet existing and future threats and risks? Where investments should be made in terms of the security budget?

G. Bina's Risk assessment and management aims to support IT and security officers as well of senior managers identify their organization’s cyber-threat landscape, determine their cyber-defense maturity level, and take knowledgeable and prioritized decisions.

Crisis Management advisory, training, drills and exercises

When an operational and business crisis occurs, it is too late to start thinking how to manage the situation. This can result in heavy losses of business, money and reputation. Training your IT & Cyber Crisis Management teams is crucial and is proved to have one of the highest ROI in business continuity strategy.

Cyber-Security Strategy Planning and Implementation

Our comprehensive cyber security planning and consulting services provide a set of all-encompassing solutions from the early stages of planning a through to implementation and maintenance of the most effective solution. We bring the knowledge needed by today’s cyber leaders and we focus on the best practice technologies and tools.

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