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Cyber-Security Planning and Implementation
The Need

As Trends like Cloud based computing, work-from-anywhere and BYOD keep increasing and becoming legitimate and as organizations are facing new government regulations and new compliances any organizations should  constanntly develop and its secuirty components. Effective security requires a balance of technical and managerial excellence. 

Our comprehensive cyber security planning and consulting services provide a set of all-encompassing solutions from the early stages of planning a through to implementation and maintenance of the most effective solution. We bring the knowledge needed by today’s cyber leaders and  we focus on the best practice technologies and tools.

We bring diversified cutting edge security approaches based on years of consulting experience to Israels’ security organizations and private sector.

Among Our Services
  • Cyber vectors attacks assessment

    • External perimeter penetration testing

    • Insider attack assessment

    • DDoS  and Advanced Persistent Threats (APT) readiness

    • Reputational damage threats evaluation

  • Operations center for monitoring developing threats and developing recovery process

  • Cyber intelligence capabilities development

  • Assisting large organizations in becoming regulation-guided groups.

  • Anti-terror, Special Operations and intelligence

  • Protecting command and control systems and SCADA

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