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Cybersecuirty Risk Assessment and Management
The Need

A disgruntled employee, hackers, a lost laptop or an improperly used thumb drive can all jeopardize your
cyber security, and ultimately, your financial and operational stability.
To stay ahead of the cybersecurity game, you need to manage your risks and plan, prioritize, budget and
implement ironclad security precautions. But which ones, how quickly, and in what order? Whether you
have defenses in place that need to be improved or are starting from scratch, G. Bina is here to guide you
through the process with a multi-level decision support service that maps your threats and defines your
current cyber defense maturity. In short, we give you, the manager or the IT expert, a clear picture of your
organization's cyber threats and current defenses so you can put up walls or just patch the holes.

3) Cross-reference Cyber Controls to Threats
We’re now ready to line up the data collected in the first two steps and map the controls you have in place
to handle each potential threat and risk. This process creates a comprehensive gap analysis, highlighting
critical threats that currently have no (or weak) defense measures in place to fend them off.

Here’s how we do it: Four Steps to True Cyber Security Using the G.Bina Proprietary Analytical Tool

1) Identify Possible and Probable Cyberspace Threats
We map your organization’s threat and risk landscape, assigning scores and assessments
based on both G. Bina’s threat database and on case-by-case customized intelligence
gathering. The result is a list of both the typical/generic threats you face and specific issues
based on your specific circumstances.

2 ) Assess Maturity of Cyber Controls
Now that we have defined the threats, we assess your existing defense controls using best-practice cybersecurity guidelines. Each control system or tool is assigned a “cost” score to be used later in the
prioritization process.

4) Generate a Prioritized Risk Mitigation Program
The final step is the creation of an action plan: A clearly delineated list, prioritizing the implementation of
protective measures. Because your budget is always limited, we help you consider cost. Optimizing the
effectiveness of your plan by identifying the “bang for the buck”, you can make the right call about how and
where time and budget should be concentrated first for maximum protection.

Why Clients Value G. Bina’s DSS Cybersecurity Risk Management Services:
• Threat and Risk Driven –
In Cybersecurity, there’s no one-size-fits-all. Your decisions will be driven by conclusive intelligence
on specific threats that you aren’t currently prepared to handle.
• Intuitive Presentation –
Our deliverables come in a clearly illustrated graphic view, making the threats, costs, and other
decision factors easy to explain.
• Quick to Implement & Cost Effective –
Our process is streamlined and well-defined, using a proven best-practice methodology.
Both time and cost are therefore clear from the start and represent clear ROI and peace of mind.

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