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Operational, ICT & SCADA Risk Assessment & Management
The Need

Our comprehensive risk management service provide a set of all-encompassing solutions from the early stages of planning and risk assessment through to implementation and maintenance of the most effective solution. Throughout each stage, G. Bina evaluates the effectiveness of ICT operations and security, With highly efficient methodology, we systematically evaluate your organizations’ technology profile against current and emerging threats and design relevant risk reduction programs.

Integrated Risk Review Approach (IRRA)

Review of Strategic Level

  • Integrated Security

  • Situational Awareness

  • Intelligence Capabilities

  • Red team, Simulation and War Games

  • Long term planning methodology

  • Assimilation, Training and Operational Drills

Review of Tactical Technological Level

  • ICT Systems, Technologies and Software, Network and Communication Security

  • Cyber-Security, Attack Vectors, SOC and Data leakage Protection (DLP)

  • Business Operations, Business Impact Analysis (BIA)

  • Business Continuity Plan (BCP) and Disaster Recovery (DR)

  • SCADA Systems and the security process control operations

The Advantages of the IRAA

The Execution of such a full scale review allows us to analysis, evaluate and to detail the corrective measures according to our Integrated Security Approach (ISA):

  • Early Warning: Identification and assessment of intelligence and data

  • Prevention: Proactive Shielding the organization against anticipated threats and vulnerabilities.

  • Detection: Identification of corporate's breach of security and defense protocol.

  • Reaction: Response to security events, in order to mitigate and take corrective action.

The Process

Map & Identify Critical Assets

Review & Evaluate Organization:

  • Defense strategy maturity level.

  • Network and Security Infrastructure

  • Business operations

  • Cyber Attacks Vectors

  • Disaster Recovery & BCP

  • IT service management

Build  & Define Best Strategy

Execute & Deploy Mitigations & Solution

Manage & Supply of technologies, tools, procedures,  processes and training

Assimilate & Optimize Activity


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