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SECURITY​ Thought Leaders


A Range of Cyber Security Executive Seminars and Courses

About OUr Seminars and Trainings

Our unique curriculums presents the state of the art Israeli cyber defense and information security methodologies and know-how and demonstrate competency in the design and implementation of a successful cyber-security projects.


Executive CISO Seminar

As Trends like Cloud based computing, work-from-anywhere and BYOD keep increasing and becoming legitimate and as organizations are facing new government regulations and new compliances The Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) role is developing, changing dramatically and becoming more and more challenging.


Effective security requires a balance of technical and managerial excellence. This program designed to address the relevant knowledge needed by today’s cyber leaders and focus on the best practice technologies and tools and it helps technical managers become better security leaders

Securing Industrial Control Systems (ICS)

AS Control systems are widely and commonly deployed and ICS incidents frequency is increasing, securing industrial control systems is becoming more and more critical. This mission needs special attention as it requires to integrate the knowledge of security professionals and control system engineers and to develop a unique expertise.

Building a Successful Security Operation Center (SOC)

Designing, building, and managing an internal security operations center can dramatically improve an organization’s ability to rapidly recognize and respond to malicious information security events. A SOC can also assist in ensuring organizations leverage the full value of the often expensive investment in security technology and meet a myriad of regulatory compliance requirements.

Ethical Hacking and APTs

To beat a hacker you need to think like one! This course intend to bring a computer-savvy crowd to a state of awareness and basic understanding of what is hacking, attack surfaces and how APTs constructed. We will demonstrate how an attacker operates, chooses targets and vectors. You will be exposed and gain knowledge of how a real live attack takes place and what is the mind-set of your attackers for the purpose of finding and fixing computer security vulnerabilities

SECURITY​ Thought Leaders


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