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Strategic Simulation Games and Red Teams

The Need

Businesses operate in a competitive and dynamic environment, requiring capabilities such as long term strategic planning and fast response to new market opportunities. This is an increasingly difficult balance to strike. G. Bina offers a highly effective strategic simulation service using special a toolset developed and proven within Israel’s security sector and the IDF (Israel Defense Force).


Applying this unique and powerful toolset within the world of business gives companies a clear competitive edge. The process is accompanied by experienced and reputable experts, ensuring quality results in a short timeframe. 


The Business Strategic Simulation Game is becoming an integral part of many businesses and has proven to be an invaluable tool that supports organizations in their long term strategic planning.

The game is a highly involved process allowing managers to learn through experience. Managers will be guided to take part in a simulation of a critical challenge.

The Process
  • Setting goals and themes

  • Defining decision-makers roles

  • Briefing participants

  • Managing and facilitating the process

  • Choosing the right environment

  • Control and documentation

  • Formulating insights and written recommendations


Who is it for?

We offer planning and management of business simulation games to the business sector, utilizing processes that were developed by the IDF (Israel Defense Force). These simulations allow an organization to gain a clear view of its challenges, market, competitors and clients.Companies interested in expanding their learning and decision-making processes in a focused effort that yields in-depth insights and results will benefit from a strategic simulation guided by highly proficient experts in the field.


SECURITY​ Thought Leaders


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